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Virtual Curriculum Fair: Language Arts

Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

Susan at Homeschooling Hearts and Minds is hosting a Virtual Curriculum Fair for January.  Each Monday a new theme will be introduced that concentrates on a field of study.

Jan 2 - Playing with Words: the Language Arts
Jan 9 - Discovering Patterns: Math, Logic, and Science
Jan 16 - Exploring Our World: Social Studies and more Science
Jan 23 - Seeking Beauty: the Arts
Jan 30 - The Nuts & Bolts: Pulling it all Together

Our Homeschool Reviews will be one of the many blogs participating {about 30 all together}!!  Today I'll be talking about the Language Arts, which can include: phonics, reading, writing, grammar, spelling, speech, literature, and foreign language.

Language Arts covers a lot, so I thought I would list what we are using for third grade and talk about just one.

Grammar: Beginning Wisely, English 3
Spelling: Dictation / Spelling Lists / All About Spelling 3
Writing: Writing Strands 3 / EIW's SWI A
Reading: Lots of read alouds and independent books
Foreign Language: Latin for Children A
** Also using Explode the Code 5 and 6 for Grammar and Spelling

Ok, so that seems like a ton of work, but most are not done at the same time.  For instance, we worked on Writing Strands 3 from Aug to Dec and will be starting Excellence in Writing's SWI A this week.  :)

I also want to add that Funny Bunny is a natural speller and writer, so I have to challenge her in this area.  This list will look different for every child.

Today I want to talk specifically about Spelling because I know many families struggle with it.  Like I said before, Funny Bunny is a natural speller, so it has been a challenge to find a program to fit her needs. 

I think dictation is the best way to introduce spelling.  You can start with simple words and then move on to short sentences and then longer and more complex ones.  With longer sentences, you child will start to work on punctuation as well.  We have been using dictation along side of other programs for several years now.

This year I also introduced spelling lists.  I found one online for third grade and we just worked through it for a few months.  This was a great way for me to pinpoint the words Funny Bunny was having trouble with and just work on those.

Finally, we have used All About Spelling since 1st grade.  It's a multi sensory approach, using sight, sound, and touch.  We don't necessarily use it like it is scheduled, but I like that they introduce the spelling rules, the lessons are short, and that it is mastery based. 

So that is our approach to the Language Arts!!  Thanks for visiting!! 

** All participants in this Virtual Curriculum Fair will be posted below as they link up!! ** 


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Thanks for your advice on spelling. I think I make it a point do do more dictations.


I agree that dictation is great for spelling. Thank you for the great distillation of what you are doing in the spelling department with your dd.

And thank you for joining the Virtual Curriculum Fair. ;0)

The Adventurer

I have been looking at IEW but it is so expensive. You will have to let me know if you like it or better yet if Funny Bunny likes it.
Thanks for linking up to NOBH

Our Homeschool Reviews

I will be writing about IEW as we continue it. So far Funny Bunny likes it, especially the DVD.

Cindy @ Fenced in Family

We do lots of read-alouds too. It's definitely the favorite part of our school day!

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