2007-2008 Pre-K Curriculum

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read 2nd Grade
We have been using this program since the Kindergarten level and really like it.

Rightstart Math Level A
This took some time for both of us to get use to. After a couple weeks we both started to enjoy it and saw the results. She can count to 20 using both even and odd numbers. She can also count by 5's and 10's to 100. She has been doing much better with counting money and adding numbers to 10. We both really enjoy playing all the games and using the manipulatives.

Handwriting Without Tears - Letters and Numbers for Me K
I want to start out by saying that I did not purchase this entire program. We picked up both the workbook and teacher's guide at a used curriculum sale last Summer. It is very easy to use and we like it because each page is short and simple and does not have lines and lines of repeating the same letter. They only have to write the letter a few times each page, which is nice. At the same sale, we purchased the My Printing Book for 1st grade, so we will use that in the Fall.

A Beka Book - God's World K
A Beka Book - Health, Safety & Manners 1st Grade
Again, these two items I purchased at a used curriculum sale. Both are good books, simple and to the point. Very easy to understand.

Before Five in a Row
In addition to just reading lots and lots of library books, I followed the Before Five in a Row lesson plans. It was a great resource and fun to read and learn new things about many books we already had.

We have used a variety of resources here. We have The Beginner's Bible and we read out of that almost every day. We also have two Bible devotional books - God and Me Devotions for Girls Ages 2-5 and Bible Devotions for Bedtime. In addition, We go to Community Bible Study once and week.  I could not say enough about their children's program.

History/Geography/Social Studies:
We don't have a set program for this yet. Thanksgiving each year we take several weeks to talk about the Pilgrims and Indians and study about the Mayflower and what went on during that time. We talk about the United States and where some states are and how to find different countries on a map or globe. I did purchase a Maps, Charts and Graphs Level A book and she enjoyed learning how to read maps.

Boca Beth
I purchased this entire kit (at full price if you can believe it) and we really enjoy listening to the CD's and watching the videos. We use it in conjunction with the Complete Book of Spanish Grades 1-3 that I purchased at BJ's. We have mostly been working on numbers to 30, colors, simple phrases and common words. The past couple weeks we have been trying to learn some new opposite words. The workbook comes with several pages of cards that you can cut out, laminate and use for memory work.

Physical Education:
She takes ballet and tap once a week for an hour. We have also signed her up for soccer in the fall and spring with the local YMCA. We also take a Parent/Child Zumba class once a week at the YMCA. She has been taking this since last August.

In addition, we do all the normal child-friendly activities like bike riding, playing at the park and chasing the dog. ;o)