2013-2014 5th Grade Curriculum

We will be using Heart of Dakota’s Creation to Christ for 5th grade. 

The "Learning Through History" part of the program provides a deeper look at the ancient time period from creation to Christ told in story form.  Included are corresponding history read-alouds, oral narration, written narration, oral comprehension, Biblical applications, geography, timeline, vocabulary, history projects, copywork, and corresponding independent literature readings and assignments.  

The Story of the Ancient World
Genesis: Finding Our Roots
A Child's Geography Explore the Holy Land  

Daily Living Book Science Readings in the area of Life Science and Biology
Dictation passages
Rod & Staff English 5

Heart of Dakota’s Drawn Into the Heart of Reading, along with the books assigned with Creation to Christ

Community Bible Study (CBS), Bible study of Psalms, and Bible passage memory work of Psalms: with the CD "Lead Me to the Rock”

Classic Poetry from Robert Frost:
read and share a new poem weekly, create a corresponding painting with copywork from the poem, and memorize one poem per quarter

Visual Latin 

Write with the Best, Volume 1 

Watercolor paintings corresponding with Poetry 

Weekly lessons from Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Lesson Book Level 4



How did you like the business math and visual latin? I am looking at both of these for next year? I would love to hear how you felt about it.

Our Homeschool Reviews

I thought Visual Latin was going to be great, and it was until about half way through when it moved to quickly for my dd. Being in 5th grade though, she is still on the young end for it, so maybe that is why. We had to put it down and move to something else. The Business Math we both really like but since it is a supplement, we haven't finished it. I was hoping to get further in it this summer but it's not working out the way I planned.

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