Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Third Grade #11

In the past two weeks we have finished up Unit 10 ~ Benjamin Franklin: Printer, Doctor, and Inventor and Unit 11 ~ Slavery in the Colonies, in our Heart of Dakota book, Bigger Hearts for His Glory.

In science Funny Bunny has been reading about John Audubon.  She drew some of the birds mentioned in the first few chapters.

In history we learned that it was Benjamin Franklin who wrote and printed an almanac under the alias Poor Richard.  Did you know it was him who wrote all those famous sayings?

And here is a kite she painted as we finished up Benjamin Franklin.

Every week Funny Bunny has to define a few words that were included in her history lesson.  After she writes the definition, she has to write the word in a complete sentence.  I thought this one was cute.  In case you can't read it, it says:

Tavern - a place where beer and liquor are sold and drunk.
The tavern's packed!  It's only Thursday!

Our vegetable garden seems to be doing well.  The cucumber and squash plants are growing like crazy!

And we are all looking forward to a weekend where the highs are only supposed to be in the 80s!!  Thanks goodness for cooler weather.  :)

So how was your week?  Thanks for joining Our Homeschool Reviews and for more Weekly Wrap-Up, this week I am linked up with Kris over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.



I love the bird drawings! We just finished unit 7 of Bigger Hearts.


The Audubon State Historic Site is just about an hour from us. Quite a few of my own school field trips were there. If you ever plan a trip to Louisiana, let me know. :) I like your daughter's bird pictures.

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie

I reallly loved the bird drawings, then scrolled down to enjoy your other pages as well. My youngest son really enjoys drawing birds. Thanks for the wrap up!


What a great way to show your progress through the year! I'm not nearly as organized. lol.


Your daughter is such a talented artist!!

Popping in from the Wrap-Up.


We do a lot of drawing/writing to go along with our history too. I love the photos your daughter drew!


Great pictures - what a talent!!

Ali raju

I love the bird drawings! We just finished unit 7 of Bigger Hearts.

bird drawings,bird pictures...... awesome And thanks for sharing with us

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