Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Homeschool Update

It's been a while since my last post so I wanted to update everyone on our homeschooling journey. We have homeschooled since the very beginning. It really wasn't something that I planned on doing until our daughter was around 2-3 years old. I started researching curriculums and looking for homeschool groups, and what began with teaching letters and numbers, turned into homeschooling for the next 11+ years!

PreK -- K -- Elementary -- Jr High

It was so fun and so rewarding! We loved it! Some years we were involved with co-ops and some years we did our own thing. We made so many great friends along the way too!

As our daughter started her second year in Jr High though, she was starting to feel like most of her days were spent in her room...doing school work.


She really didn't need my help any more...and didn't want it. She enjoyed her work and met with a co-op once a week, but it was boring being at home by herself most days.

She wanted a change.

So we spent months looking into and talking with guidance at the local high school. After months of discussions and many, many...many questions...and prayers, we decided to officially enroll her in school. Ekkk!

Fast forward through many anxious nights {for me, not her}, she had her first day.

She LOVED it!!

And she has loved it every day since! She's doing very well. Challenge A and B and all the hard work she had done the past two years paid off. She is enrolled in Honors and AP core classes and is taking Sign Language, Chorus, and Musical Theater. She's doing a good job balancing school, homework, and dance, and so far her grades are excellent!

My job isn't done quite yet though!

I may not be the one giving out the homework but I am very involved with overseeing it all. Checking work, studying for tests, talking about classes and teachers each day. It's just as exhausting and time consuming. Just more so in the late afternoons and evenings instead of the mornings.

So there I was, mornings now completely free and not sure what to do.

More on what I've been up to while she is at school in my next post. :)

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