Monday, October 23, 2017

Part-Time with VIPKID

I know I have posted about VIPKID a few times now, but I'm just so excited to share my news!

Today marks my 49th day and 70th class! 

Not bad considering I only work about 2 hours a day M-F, and during the weeks of Hurricane Irma and the Chinese National Holiday I had no students.

I had a bit of a slow start, but now I'm teaching about 20-25 classes a week, which was my goal. And I have a good mix of regulars and new students. This week and next week my schedule is booked.

Things I love about VIPKID:

I can teach as little or as much as I want! Right now I teach just 2 hours a day, M-F, from 7:30-9:30 am. That's just 4 classes a day, 20 classes a week. Then I am free the rest of the day!

I get paid to have fun!! I love these kids and they love to learn! Pay is different for everyone, but the range is from $7-$11 a class. So that's $14-$22 an hour. Not bad for staying at home. 

VIPKID is a great company that listens and supports their teachers! They just celebrated their 4-year anniversary and are growing at a tremendous rate. Teachers give suggestions and VIPKID tests them and makes improvements. They also offer numerous incentives to teachers each month. 

I'm learning about Chinese culture. I didn't even think about this when I applied but the students share their lives and their culture with me and I've learned a lot in the short time I have been working. For instance, did you know that when Chinese students count to 10 using their hands, they only use one hand. Now when I count with them I use their hand symbols instead of ours. 

I LOVE my students!! I didn't realize how attached I would get to these kids! I feel sad when they have trouble booking with me and I miss them when they have to skip a week due to my limited schedule or because of family plans. I try to carve a minute or two out of each lesson to get to know each child and make them feel more comfortable. 

Interested in applying?

It's easy! 

1. Sign up on their website. You just need a Bachelor's degree and some sort of teaching experience. Homeschooling, co-ops, church, camps, etc. count. 

2. Join them for a 30-min interview where you showcase your teaching skills. 

3. Watch videos to learn about the VIPKID technology, standards and curriculum.

4. Practice teaching 1-2 full-length mock classes with one of their VIPKID teachers.

5. Send them your information so they can create a profile for the students and parents to get to know you.

6. Put your timeslots on your portal so that students can start booking you. 

Use my referral code (CHRIS0314) and VIPKID link and I'll help you through the entire process. It took me 10 days from start to finish and was easier than I expected it to be. 

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