Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Preparing Hearts for His Glory: Science

I admit, like many other homeschool moms, that science is one of the last subjects we get to during the week, if at all.  And actually performing a science experiment does not often happen.  In the past we have read books on different topics, gone to the zoo for their classes, and memorized science facts with our CC group, but we never really studied it as a daily subject..UNTIL NOW!!  :o)

Heart of Dakota's Preparing Hearts for His Glory incorporates daily science readings using real books.  The areas of life science, physical science, and earth science are each addressed.  What is cool is that the science exploration topics loosely correspond with the history topics.  Israelites wandering the desert = desert habitat.  Seafaring explorers = coral reef. 

Weekly assignments are as follows:
Day 1: Notebook entry
Day 2: Oral narration by retelling the story
Day 3: Answer five questions in a notebook
Day 4: Conduct a science experiment and log it in a notebook

For the first month we read One Small Square: Arctic Tundra and we just finished reading One Small Square: Cactus Desert.  DD has really enjoyed both of those books and has learned a lot about the animals that live in these extreme climates.  We are now reading The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible

Here are some samples of the work she has completed.


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So nice to see your expectations for the week. Science doesn't have to be super time-consuming! Thanks for sharing!


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