Friday, July 2, 2010

What are we up to?

I thought I would post a little about our school schedule. 

We finished 1st grade about two months ago and immediately started 2nd grade. The first reason we did this is because we take so many mini vacations and breaks during the year, we don't have to take the whole summer off. The second reason is because our co-op in the fall will be covering the Medieval/Early Renaissance time period, and since our book goes from Creation to late 1900's, I wanted to be in line with our group. If we stay on track, we should be hitting the Fall of Rome in September.

We are in the 8th week in the Heart of Dakota’s Preparing Hearts for His Glory book, and so far we really like it. This program provides a one-year overview of world history from creation to the late 1900's told in story form. Included in this are corresponding history read-alouds, oral narration, written narration, oral comprehension, Biblical applications, geography, timeline, vocabulary, history projects, copywork, and corresponding independent literature readings and assignments.

It seems like a lot, but even though some subjects are covered everyday, several subjects are covered only once a week. Each day is new and we are always wondering what we will read or cover next!

All the books used in the curriculum are listed here. Although our daughter has liked all the books we have read so far (about 5 from start to finish), her favorite book has been One Small Square: Arctic Tundra, and her favorite subject is History.

I would like to highlight one subject each week to show you what we are working on, so stay tuned! 


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