Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Dragonfly



Fantastic photos! I love that without having some perspective on his size, he looks huge. Maybe he is? Great photos!

Happy WW!


The second one looks like a plane getting ready to take off. Nice shots.

Happy WW~

And Miles To Go...

what a gorgeous capture!

Auntie E

They were all over the yard last week. Most be the year for them. Great lens capture.
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Here's lookin' at you! Hehhe...

Great macro/zoom shots there! Dragonfly is a hard subject because they can MOOOVE! :)


Great pictures! Secretly I am terrified of dragonflies. When I was a kid, I was threatened that they would come zip my mouth closed if I swore!
Happy WW and thanks for linking up!

The Sharp's

I love dragonflies! Great pictures!


Love the photos! Stopped by on the blog walk this week.


What great dragonfly pics. Great job. Thanks for linkin up for WW!


I wish we would see more around here.
When I was a kid they were everywhere.

Tolle Lege Christian Academy

Cool pictures! :-)


Stopping by on the blog walk. I love these pictures!


Stopping by from the blog walk! I love dragonflies too!

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