Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Back To School Blog Hop: Our School Room

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I'm a little behind on my post for the Not Back To School Blog Hop, but better late than never, right?!  ;o)

So our school room is just our extra bedroom, transformed.  It is actually our school room / movie room (but more about that in a minute).

This is where I keep all of our school books, by subject, in each cubby.  Its not too hard to organize it all since I just have one child.  She's in 2nd grade now so I have pretty much cleaned out all books from Kindergarten and below.

Her desk is in this room, but it is more her play desk than her school desk.  Each year it seems like we do school work in a different place, trying to find the best location.

For Kindergarten, it was mostly on the floor.  I tried to be as relaxed as possible.  Last year I tried to continue on the floor but she would get too fidgety, so we switched to her small table in the kitchen.

This year we are using the family kitchen table, which works well because I can be cleaning or doing other things nearby while she works.  It can also hold all of her work for the day, which I try to lay out for her before we start.

Also in the school room is her keyboard to practice piano.  We are looking into buying a used piano but haven't found anything yet.

Oh, and I can't forget to tell you how this school room is also used as a movie room!  Hubby hooked up a projector on a shelf in the closet.  When the closet is shut, everything is hidden.  We painted the room a dark blue and left a white space for the screen.  When it is time for a movie, we pull out the bean bag chairs and relax.

So that is our school room and school areas around the house!



I'm loving the BIG comfy chair...I think I'll curl up and read one of those books in it! ;-))

One Mom

She's had that since she was little and still loves it!

Connie, the daisyhead

What a cozy room! A lovely little library, I'd say.

And I adore the movie screen! I'd love to have one of those!


Such a neat space! The movie wall is an ingenious idea. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Love the projector screen! Thanks for sharing your space =)

Mrs. Mandy

I love her desk, my daughter has a little lift top desk I found at resale for $10 and I think I might start looking for this one for in her room too.


I really like the idea of the movie room! I agree that every year the organization has to be tweaked and changed to meet the changing needs of your child.


Shannon R

I love those square boxes, I want to set up something like that too... with doors on it, so the "mess" is hidden behind something! LOL!

I love your schoolroom!! We school at the dining room table... I miss my old schoolroom!

Shannon R


Love the cubbies! I love cubby spaces and bookshelves! The projector "screen" space on your wall is a great idea! Thanks for sharing your homeschool room and linking it up to NOBH! Have a blessed weekend!


Very nice schoolroom! I can't even imagine trying to use our kitchen table with three kids needing all their books out, but I love that you can do other things while your little one does school work! Awesome : )


CHristine, thank you so much for linking up to Show Off Your Homeschool. I LOVE THAT SCREEN...We have the outdoor one for our projector but would love one inside too! Those bookshelves/cubbies are great! I am a new follower now and cant wait to look around your blog more!



HI there new follower here,I love the movie screen idea.I have an only child(he is 10)we started schooling in one room but have moved onto the whole house as well.
Please feel free to stop on by and visit.

I Live in an Antbed

What a great use of space! I love multipurpose spaces. We have seven children and so we have to use everything for lots of purposes. Thanks for letting us see your spaces.

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