Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday - 10 Week Challenge Kick-Off

Yes, it's SUNDAY, I know I'm a bit late on this post!  Better late than never though...especially for this.  Denise at Got Chai? is teaming up with Mrs. White at Legacy of Home to bring you: The Fit Mommy 10 Week Challenge

Beginning Monday, October 25th and running through December 31st (65 days), Fit Mommy is hosting its first Fitness Challenge!

As I sit here indulging in a bag of pretzels, and most likely a piece of cake before bed, Our Homeschool Reviews is up for the challenge (starting tomorrow of course)!!  ;o)

Here are my goals:

Lose 10lbs
Lose at least 5lbs of body fat
Drink 8 glasses of water each day
Strength Training: Alternate days working out upper and lower body
Cardio: Jog on the days in between strength training
No snacking
Increase protein
Allow 1 day per week as an off day
Update readers each Friday on my progress

Anyone can join in or just follow along!  You can track your progress by using the handy Fit Mommy 10 Week Daily Checklist available through Mrs. White's blog. This is not a requirement but simply a tool to use. 

On December 31st each participant will post their results. Wish me luck, I know I will need it!!


Guiding Light

Glad to have you along! Looking forward to hearing regularly about your success!


So glad that some of the blogs I follow regularly will be doing this challenge. I', glad we can all be encouraging to each other. I'm eating a bowl of pasta and sauce and maybe and ice cream sandwich later - we'll see. :)

Our Homeschool Reviews

Yes, I can't wait to read everyone's posts as well! Just ate my piece of cake, although I couldn't convince the family to throw the rest of it out. I will hide it in the back of the fridge so I don't have to look at!

~ Denise ~

Wow, Christine! Those are some fantastic goals! I'm really glad you've decided to join the chaos--er, challenge! LOL

Looking forward to reading your weekly progress reports. I know you're gonna do GREAT! :)

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