Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up #2

Happy Friday everyone!  Well I decided that if this is something that I do every week, I cannot come up with a witty title for each one (my mind just cannot do it, it can't...I hope it is not a requirement).  Instead, I'll just be numbering them.  ;o)  So, without further ado, welcome to Weekly Wrap-Up (The one with a #2)!

Monday: This week we studied about Jesus' Death and Resurrection.  I read a chapter aloud from Grandpa's Box, which we both love.  We also worked on our Community Bible Study (CBS) homework.  We read Joshua 7 and answered questions together.  Also worked on some Latin's Not So Tough.  We are combining that with Song School Latin, which we worked on last year and are just reviewing this year.  Oh, and we also found a tree frog on the swing set. 

Tuesday: Tuesday we had the opportunity to attend a storytime by master storyteller, Jim Weiss.  We had the best time and his stories were wonderful!  If anyone ever has a chance to hear his stories, do it!  Afterwards, we went to dance class.  Tuesdays she has two hours of dance, Jazz/Tap and she is in the Mini Company.  This past weekend the Company danced their first performance at our town Fall Festival.  They did such a good job!

Wednesday: Let's see...we continued with all schoolwork and also had piano lessons.  She's been taking piano lessons for a little over a year now and is doing well and still liking it.  She practices at home on a keyboard so we are looking for either a used piano or an electric piano.  Hopefully we will find something soon!

Thursday: Thursday was busy for us.  We had CBS in the morning and then dance class (again) in the afternoon, plus errands and school in between.  We had to make a run to the post office for stamps and to get tickets to the bazaar this weekend.  It's been an annual tradition to attend this bazaar ever since I was little.  So fun to pass down a fun tradition like that.  Maybe one day her kids will be going too. Ooh, grand kids, I can't think of that right now.

Friday: Today a friend is over since her school has a teacher planning day.  She's doing school with us and so far things are going well.  I'm such a bad break when  friend is!  They think it is fun to work together though!  Around lunchtime we'll be heading over the park and then to PetCo to pick out some birthday gifts for Maisy, our dog.  You did see my previous post about her birthday, right?!  Oh, and tonight is the bazaar, so we will be there most of the evening.  Going to get there before it starts so I can be one of the first ones in to look at the used books for sale.  I think they sell for $0.50 each, so I can't miss that!!

So that is it!  How was your week?  Thanks for Joining Our Homeschool Reviews and for more Weekly Wrap-Up, this week I am linked up with guest host, Jamie, over at See Jamie Blog.



Nice week :) Nice dog ;)


Nice frog! And I LOVE Jim Weiss. I could just listen to him tell me a story all day long. We try to use his CDs as much as possible!

Giggly Girls

How cool to hear Jim Weiss! Fabulous week!


Grandpa's Box was one of our favorites.
Janet W

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