Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up #3

We were able to get a lot of school completed this week!  

We continued to work in our Heart of Dakota book and just finished up week 20, which covers the spread of the Gospel.  Last year we studied Acts in Community Bible Study, so this was a nice recap of what we had already learned.  It was nice reading those stories about again Paul, Stephen, and Peter.  What amazing men and a great reminder of how God can use each and every one of us!

Here you can see we made an Ichthys out of applesauce and cinnamon.

She finished reading the book Little Miriam of Galilee on Wednesday.  She really enjoyed it and said that it would be a book that she would read again.  We are also reading Fountain of Life, but this one I am reading aloud to her.  It is a bit longer and, although it has a good story, can get a little hard for her to understand.  Regardless, she is enjoying it as well.

For science we continued to read Find the Constellations.  This book is a great introduction into identifying the constellations and learning their names.  We've gone outside in the evening and *think* we found a few of them.  We aren't in the darkest area so it is hard to see them sometimes. 

We are also continuing to work through First Language Lessons.  She is in level 2 and learning about conjunctions, interjections, and contractions.  I love FLL because the lessons are quick and easy.

So now it's Friday and we are done with all our work so we have a FREE DAY!!!  What a great rewarding end to a busy school week!!

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Tolle Lege Christian Academy

I like reading about your week! You inspire me. :-)


We used Preparing a few years ago & I just loved the books!
Janet W


Here from the Weekly Wrap Up linky - that constellation book like it will go great with our astronomy curriculum! Thanks! Hope this week is going well, too. =)

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