Thursday, November 18, 2010

Operation Christmas

Our homeschool group hosts an annual Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Wrapping.  I've talked about this in a previous post but wanted to touch on it again today since tomorrow is the day we will be making our shoebox!

We have been participating in this for several years and enjoy it each time.  We meet together to wrap shoeboxes with goodies and essentials for children for Samaritan's Purse, watch a short video about Operation Christmas Child, and make cards to put in the shoeboxes.   

The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God's love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

National Collection Week is November 15-22 (this week) and if you want to get involved you can get more information HERE.  If you can get to the store today you can still make it in time!

This year I remembered to shop for school supplies when they were on sale!  Our box will be filled with things like scissors, glue, pens, colored pencils, a ruler, crayons, markers, and a mini notebook.  We also included a storybook, flip flops, and a tee shirt.  Right now the only thing I am missing is the!  I thought I had one and forgot to ask at the store today.  So, once I find one we can get to packing it tomorrow!

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Angie @ Many Little Blessings

What a wonderful project to work on with your children! I know that I need to work on more service projects with mine.

Thanks for linking up to Helpful Homeschool Hints! :)

Jessica Greene

Dear Christine,

What a wonderful curriculum you have for your children. I have been inspired by reading all that you do for your children and for the homeschool community in general. I couldn't find an email for you, so I suppose a comment will have to do :)

I noticed that you do reviews for different curriculums and wondered if you had hear of Visual Latin? It's a wonderful combination of videos and exercises for learning Latin. Each lesson has 3 parts-grammar, sentences and reading--incorporating the three levels a student needs to master a language.

I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a review of Visual Latin for your readers. I'd love to talk to you more about it, if possible. Please feel free to email me at and I can give you a code for Visual Latin.

Thanks and Happy Advent!
Visual Latin

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