Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Homeschool Reviews Celebrates the Holidays

"How does your family celebrate the holidays?"   

Well, let's start with Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving we have my parents and brother and my husband's parents come over to our house.  I have always done all the cooking, from the turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, to the corn, beans, and bread.  My dh does make the gravy from scratch and carves the turkey!  All I ask is that each family bring the desserts.

We usually eat sometime between 12pm-1pm.  Once we sit down we go around the table and everyone says what they are thankful for.  My daughter especially likes this.  She enjoys hearing what everyone else has to say.  After dinner the moms clean while the boys watch football.  After cleaning, if I'm not ready for a nap, I will go though all the after Thanksgiving Day ads and decide where I am going to go the next morning.  Then it's time for dessert and time for everyone to go home and for me to!

For Christmas we mix it up a little bit.  Christmas Eve we either go to church service with my parents, or at our own church, and then meet my parents for dinner.  While out of the house, if our daughter has been good, Santa's elves will deliver "Magic Pajamas" and slippers under her pillow.  She gets so excited when she gets home to check!

Throughout the month of December and leading up to Christmas, we always read through the scripture to understand what Christmas is truly about.  Christmas Day, we open presents at our house, get dressed, and then go to my parents house (5 min away), to open presents there and eat lunch.  My mom does all the cooking on Christmas, so no cooking for me!  After a few hours at their house, we leave, head back home, get about 30 minutes rest before my dh's parents come over to open presents.  They usually bring some finger foods over for dinner.  Then it is time for everyone to go home and I collapse!

We are very thankful to have our families in town and close by.  I know I have great memories of visiting family over the holidays and I am sure our daughter will too.



Oh I like the pj under the pillow idea. I think this may be a new one for us to give a try at this year. do I get them there without one of 6 or more kids finding out hmmmmm....I'll think of something I'm sure LOL

Why do you call them Magic Pajamas?

Our Homeschool Reviews

Vickie, I have no idea about the name. It was a tradition that was passed down from when I was little. My parents always called them that. Maybe because they magically appeared. ;o) Mom, if you are reading this, feel free to chime in...


Collapsing. Now THAT is a holiday tradition that I do have... how come I didn't think of it?

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