Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010 - December 1

For the month of December (I can't believe it is December already), Our Homeschool Reviews will be participating in "Holiday Bliss" hosted by Brenda at Garden of Learning.

To participate, I'll be sharing favorite holiday recipes, crafts, traditions, things we do during the month, thoughts on Christmas, pictures of our family during December, or just anything that has something to do with this blessed holiday season.  

To start, I thought I would showcase our Christmas village.  Every year we put up our village in front of the fireplace.  This year my mom donated some of her larger pieces to us, so our town is now bustling more than ever! 



I haven't got out our Christmas Village yet. I'm running out of room so can't always set up all the pieces lol

The Unsell Family

I love your Christmas village. We had a small one when we lived in NC but haven't had room in our current home to put it out. My kids were just commenting yesterday about how they miss it.

Our Village is a Little Different

Oh, how beautiful! My husband inherited his grandparents' village and trains, but we haven't put them out for the past few years. We'll set them up again when the boys are a little older.


That is pretty. My Mammow used to set up her village every year.


What an adorable village! I look forward to reading your holiday recipes especially.


I love it!! Sooo glad you shared~Have a blessed day! HUGS!!

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