Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Bliss - December 21

For the month of December Our Homeschool Reviews will be participating in "Holiday Bliss" hosted by Brenda at Garden of Learning.

To participate, I'll be sharing favorite holiday recipes, crafts, traditions, things we do during the month, thoughts on Christmas, pictures of our family during December, or just anything that has something to do with this blessed holiday season.

Today we braved the crowds and took a few hours to go shopping.  Our plan was to go to the mall, but after looking at the mile-long line to turn at the light into the mall, we decided that was too much trouble...lol!  Mind you, we have already completed most of our shopping online, but there are always those last minute gifts to purchase.  Instead we headed to The Loop for lunch, Best Buy, Office Max, Starbucks ;o), and Academy Sports.  Still, it seems like we have been out all day and the traffic was pretty thick. 

We are glad to be home now and are ready for some afternoon naps.  ;o)  Hope all your Christmas shopping is coming to an end.  Of course, there is always online, and with Amazon's two-day shipping, gifts will still get here by Christmas...hmmm, may have wait on that nap and check out the deals for today!!



Sounds like a GREAT plan B to me...FOOD and a few stores~Starbucks to boot~ whoot~ hugs~

Our Village is a Little Different

I wanted to take the boys out for haircuts today, and wow! I couldn't believe the crowds. I couldn't get into the parking lot of our usual place. It was crazy. I <3 Amazon so much.

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