Thursday, December 16, 2010


What is strong enough to stop a mom dead in her tracks?  What can bring a woman to her knees and leave her family to fend for themselves and ignore her children?  

A migraine!  

My day started off yesterday with a small headache in the morning but by 7pm it turned into a raging migraine that I could not control.  So I went from making dinner to laying on the couch to the darkness of the bedroom, where I lay in pain for several hours.  It wasn't until after 11pm when I finally found a position that I could lay my head that wouldn't hurt.  

Thankfully I woke up with no headache this morning, so I can get some things done today, and the next 2 days, so we can be ready for a dance rehearsal tonight, dance performance tomorrow night, and family Christmas party at our house Saturday night about 20 people!!  Oh, and I'll be making 7 loaves of bread. 

Better get out of my PJ's!  ;o)



Glad you are feeling better. I've only had perhaps 3 migraines in my life- thank goodness!
Hope you have a great Christmas party as well as dance rehearsal....and a wonderful Christmas!!

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Thanks Blossom, I am feeling much better today! Merry Christmas to you too! :o)


Oh, I despise migraines. I went to bed with one on Sunday night and literally cried myself to sleep. Glad yours went away!

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