Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up #8

Since it is almost the end of December, I thought I would post a School Year Review to this point.

Preparing Hearts For His Glory: We worked up through Lesson 22 for the year and took a break back in November to focus on other studies.  So far this year in History we have covered: Creation to Noah, Life after the Flood, Egyptian Civilization, Israelites in Egypt, Greece, Babylon, Rome, birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ, and the persecution of the Christians.  In Science we have covered the Arctic Tundra, Cactus Desert, the Dinosaurs, and the Constellations.  Bible study included learning Psalms.  

Bible - Various: We started the year studying Psalms.  Once Community Bible Study started we moved to learning about the Servants of God by reading Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.  Now we are celebrating the season of Advent by reading through the Bible and going through the Jesse Tree stories. 

Math - RightStart Math Level C:  We finished up on Wednesday with Lesson 70, which was a review and practice test.  She did pretty well on the test and we are at about the half way mark so we will be stopping here until the new year.  So far this year she has learned or reviewed: Venn Diagrams, Roman Numerals, mentally adding two-digit numbers, multiplication, adding four digit numbers, subtraction, money, perimeter, and fractions. Most of what she has done this year has been review, with the exception of about the last 20 lessons.  She has been enjoying math this year more than last.

Grammar - First Language Lessons 2: Second grade in this book starts with lesson 101, and we have completed through lesson 154.  It ends with lesson 200, so we are about half way through.  So far this year she has learned or reviewed: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, types of sentences, contractions, letter writing, quotations, poem memorization, and story and picture narration.  We both really like this book since the lessons are short and quick. 

Writing - New American Cursive Wkbk 2: We started cursive over the summer and she is about 3/4 through the book.  Her writing is legible but needs correction from time to time.  I will just have her continue through the book and when she has completed it, I will periodically have her write assignments in cursive.

Latin - Various: This year she is reviewing Song School Latin, which she completed last year.  She still enjoys listening to the songs and that is helping her with her vocabulary words.  We have also added Latin's Not So Tough 2 and have just finished the alphabet, diphthong, and special consonant sounds.  We will be getting into the vocabulary next.  Lastly, we started using Visual Latin, but we have only watched a couple of the videos so no word yet on what we think.

Science - Exploring Creation with Astronomy: We started using this about a month ago so we have only finished chapter 1 and 2, but we are both enjoying this book.  We will probably continue through the book on top of the other sciences we have planned for the rest of the year.  

Music - Piano Lessons: She is currently working through Alfred's Basic Piano Library All-in-One Course Book 3.  She has about five more songs in this book until she moves to the next.  She has been taking piano lessons for about a year now and has really been enjoying them.  

I know we have more subjects but I think that gives a pretty good overview of where we are right now.  :O) 

How was your week?  Thanks for Joining Our Homeschool Reviews and for more Weekly Wrap-Up, this week I am linked up with Kris over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


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