Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up #11

Another week of school completed...well, maybe not totally completed, because it is 6:00pm here and since we started after 2pm, I have one little girl who has a few more things to get done.  Nothing like working on a project during dinner.  ;o)

So this week was a short week for us because we were out of the house for two days.  Wednesday we had our monthly zoo classes, and since the weather was so nice, we spent about an hour and a half walking around the zoo afterwards.  Her classes this week were on three different animal habitats: swamp, rainforest, and the ocean. 

Thursday was Community Bible Study in the morning and then we had a playdate afterwards.  Then with dance later in the afternoon, there was no time for school.

Here are a few things we did get done this week:

Science: learned more about the Coral Reef
History: continued learning about Medieval times
Math: working on basic geometry
Reading: currently reading Raiders from the Sea (together), Minstrel in the Tower (by herself), and Long Ride Home (by herself).
Grammar: working on identifying prepositions, pronouns, articles, and conjunctions, along with some poem review.
Bible: reading and studying 1 Samuel

Here is a Coral Reef collage she made on her own

Here is her Illuminated Manuscript

That is about it for our week.  How was your week?

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I like the illuminated manuscript :) Nice weather=good days - we had snow! hmm perhaps that had something to do with our week ;) Oh well! Hope you have a great weekend!

Our Side of the Mountain

GREAT job on the coral reef collage and illuminated manuscript! Those zoo classes sound fun and interesting!



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Thanks and Happy saturday!



The collage and manuscript both look good. I'm sure the zoo was fun.

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