Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up #12

This week the weather was a little warmer so we were able to spend some much needed time outdoors.  It felt great to get out of the house!  Here are some of our highlights. 

The first was a game of kickball we played with some other homeschool families at a nearby park.  It was the first time our daughter had played kickball and she absolutely loved it!!  It was boys against the girls, and I was impressed on how well everyone played!  The three of us (and the dog), tried playing it in the front yard this afternoon, and although we had a fun (and silly) time, it was so fun with all the kids.  We are hoping to do that again soon!

The other highlight of our week included a "field trip" on Friday to the Extreme Makeover building site.  Extreme Makeover is in our town helping out a local family.  We drove about 20 minutes out to a church, got on a school bus "shuttle" that took us to the site, and watched some of the action.  The day we were out there they were putting up the frame. 

Here we are on the school bus (this was her favorite part)

Volunteers getting the frame up

Getting a good view

It is amazing to me that the house will be completed in less than one week.  Our city and the surrounding area has really stepped up to help this family!  I can't believe all the materials and labor that have been donated.  It is definitely nice to see a town pull together to help someone. 

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What a neat week! We had a homeschool family near here blessed with a new home by Extreme Makeover. We never went to the home, but many friends went and helped with the work. It was interesting watching the local news coverage.


We got outside a bit this weekend also which was a relief -- especially since it looks like we are going to get hit with a huge winter storm again starting tomorrow -- sigh. I'm so ready for spring!!

I'm a new follower and enjoying my first visit to your blog!


I'm a little late reading weekly wrap-ups this week. What a neat field trip!
Janet W

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