Saturday, February 19, 2011

Before and After

Do you have a room that's in need of some cleaning?  Has it gotten out of control?  Well, that is what happened to our daughter's room this week.  We were out of the house for a lot of the week and I was also not feeling well for a couple days, so her room was neglected.  Not by her of course, you can see she is playing on her bed, oblivious to the mess around her.  I had neglected to make sure she was cleaning it each day.

So this afternoon we worked together to find a place for everything.  We worked double time (or what we like to call "quick clean") and we actually finished in about 30 minutes.  And only a few things secretly made it to the trash.  ;o)  Below are our results.

I think it turned out pretty well.  So don't be afraid to tackle those out-of-control rooms!  Grab a partner and get cleaning!

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Michelle Smith

My three daughters are currently cleaning the girls' room, and it looked worse than that to begin with. I sincerely hope it is ready for vacuuming before dinner!

Our Village is a Little Different

I'm really big on having a place for everything, It helps cleanups go quickly - like you said - when we (or they) work together! What a pretty room she has!


I am in deep cleaning mode this week as well. As I go through the house I am gathering things that we still haven't used since the last time I went through and getting rid of stuff.. It feels great to slim down and get organized :)

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie

Must be spring cleaning fever. :) I am feeling the need to go through the house room by room and see what has crept into the corners. Sweep from curtains to floors, etc. Cute Room!


My whole house looks about like that at the end of every day, lol;0) Thank you for sharing your before and after.


Looks great!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Thanks. The nice weather this week is really making me think of working on some more rooms. Maybe I'll post a before and after once a week. We'll see...


I posted some before and after shots on my blog too to help motivate me to clean up! The room looks beautiful and the purple wall color is similar to that of my 3 year old's room where I posted before and after shots :)

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