Friday, February 25, 2011

Lego Link Up

My daughter just asked me yesterday if there was another Lego project that she could work on.  I told here there was and she started working on it this morning.  Here is her creation, a maze.  Below she tells a little about it.

This is a BIG maze and pretty easy - but be careful! There are lots of dangers along the way! Bob, in the black, made it! He found the exit. Diane, on the left, is sorta lost. She just can't find the way! Gregory, with the white hair, is scared. He just entered the point of no return. Spooky! 

I'll be submitting her creation to Lego Quest.  They are currently on Quest #35, where the challenge is to create a maze or labyrinth. 

Lego Quest is a blog that Sam, crafty mom to two children, started that features weekly challenges for Lego loving kids that are home/unschooled.

I'll also be linking up with The Joys of Home Educating: Lego Mania Linky Party 


My Blessing From Above: Lego Creation Thursday.   

I'm glad I found these Lego challenges because it helps to spark some creativity and excitement making new creations!



Thanks so much for linking up So glad the kids want to participate! Peace to your day!


Following from the hop- visit me anytime!


Thank you so much for the mention!


Congrats #100!!!

Looks like she is having fun with those Lego Challenges. I wonder if my older boys might like to do a Lego Flash Back...


Thanks so much for joining us! We loved your daughter's maze! Very creative!


This looks great! Your daughter did a fantastic job and so creative with her story of the maze :) Glad you enjoyed the challenge and link up to LEGO quest :)

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