Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up #14

This week was like most weeks with school, dance, piano practice, Bible study, grandparents, and friends.  Today was a short school day and so we worked on a science experience.  After reading a little about Christopher Columbus and his sailing adventures, the experiment was to determine if seawater is heavier or lighter than freshwater.

We took three glasses, filled them a quarter full with water, added 2 tsp of salt to the first, 1 tsp of salt to the next, and no salt to the last.  Then we added two drops of food coloring in each. 

Notice how the food coloring in the saltiest water stays at the top.  The water is very buoyant!  Then she wrote down what she learned.

We'll be taking a trip to the library in a few minutes and then to the store to get some valentines for Monday.  I'm sure the evening will be filled with some more Valentine's Day crafts!

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That's neat - my kiddos will have fun trying that!


Hi! Found you threw the blog hop friday!! Also see you link to Weird Unsoc Hs!! XOXO Neat project!! We done something similar a few months back!

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Love the colors! Following from the weekly blog hop...

We're homeschooling next year... :-)


I also homeschool -- this is our 1st year though -- 4 kids ☺

I'm your newest hop follower ☺
Have a wonderful weekend

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Oh what a cool experiment !:)


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Well, this is pretty neat!

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Coley - Dizzy Mommy Chronicles


What a great experiment!


I will have to try this experiment one day! It looks easy and fun! Thanks for sharing it on NOBH!

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