Thursday, March 24, 2011

Financial Freedom

I was flipping channels the other day when I stopped on PBS.  They were having a special to raise money for their station, and their guest speaker, who was also promoting her new book, was Suze Orman. 

Her book is called The Money Class and she had some really good tips:

1.  You have to live below your means, but within your needs.  This is how you start saving and paying off debt.

2.  Before anything else, if you can, contribute the max amount each year to a Roth IRA.  You contribute after tax dollars now and get your investment back at retirement, TAX FREE!

3.  Next, if your employer offers a 401(k) plan with a match, contribute up to the match amount if you can.  This is FREE money!

4.  To save for your child's education, the best plan is a 529 Plan.  The 529 Plan is in your name, not your child's.  Do not put a plan in your child's name because then they may not be able to qualify for financial aid.

I thought these were some great tips!  You can find more information about her HERE.  I also found a link to a clip and information from the PBS special

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This reminds me of Dave Ramsey's stuff. Good Stuff.

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