Saturday, March 5, 2011

I've Been Defeated

It just hit me all at once.  One minute I was fine, and then the next...itchy throat, sneezing, watery, itchy eyes...I can't stand it!!  

I never had sinus issues until a few years ago.  The past couple years have been the worst.  Last week when the temperature started to warm up, the pollen immediately appeared.

I was surprised when it didn't affect me right away.  It's all over the car, the back porch, the swing set, our floor when we leave the screen door open, all over everything!! 

I love leaving the doors open when the weather is nice, but I think I've met my match.  The pollen has won.  Zyrtec is now my friend.  I've been defeated...




Feel better soon.


Hope you feel better. My allergies are year round, I'm looking into allergy shots. UGH! Benadryl is my friend.

Valery (CEO Wanna Be)

Stopping by to say hi from the Sunday Blog Hop. I have been bad the past year too.
Stop by any time.


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Mommy of 3

Oh that sounds like no fun. I was sick about a week ago with a sinus infection. It is so frustrating! I do hope you are feeling better soon. My husband is also friends with Zyrtec. Have a great day!

Oak Lawn Lady

Hope you're feeling better chance of any outside allergies where I live, in the frozen North!!!
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Colleen (Shibley Smiles)

I so know how you feel. My allergies are much better in FL then they were in VA.


My husband is affected by the pollen also and takes Zyrtec so he could relate to your post! I hope you feel better soon!! Thank for linking up to NOBH!


I hope you feel better soon. My son and mother have both been sick and I think it is because of the change in season too. They mowed the lawn and trimmed the trees and bushes, next thing you know they are sneezing and wheezing. lol

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