Monday, March 28, 2011

Teaching the Hard Stuff

Q:  Will you homeschool through 12th grade? 

A:  We are taking it one year at a time, but that is my plan.

Q:  What about teaching the hard stuff like Calculus and Latin?

A:  We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  ;o)

To date, I have successfully taught through 2nd grade!  Is that clapping I hear in the background?  I can see that you all are impressed!  I know my multiplication facts, I can pick out a noun when I see one, and I can successfully name the planets in order.  Oh yeah, and my daughter can too.  ;o)

And I'll be honest, I am pretty sure I can manage all of elementary school on my own...probably

Here's the plan for the future though.  If we get to a subject that I do not think I am adequate to teach, we will look into other options.  I certainly don't teach piano, dance, soccer, and swim, and I wouldn't teach Trigonometry either.  Here are just a few options available to us:

* Co-ops
* Online Classes
* Video Based Instruction

* Dual Enrollment Classes
* Tutors

I honestly do not think we will have a problem for most subjects, but homeschooling involves a lot of research, and that's what I plan to do. 




Yes, I love those questions, too. This year, we have preschool, second grade and third grade. It's amazing how much I'm learning this time around!!! It's fun finding great people to walk this path with!

The Adventurer

I just bought a book on how to homeschool thru high school. Mine are only 3rd and 1st grade but it is never to early to research. Being the parent and teacher there is lots of research involved with teaching the kids and I love relearning history and science. We take it one year at a time but my intention is to keep going for as long as the kids want too and as long as I can manage:)


Good Job! Clapping here! I would love to homeschool, if I had to. We'll see how next year goes in the public school system. Good Luck! It will be a wonderful adventure. I envy you having so much influence on your kids instead of someone else having that influence.

Michelle Smith

I have just now begun to navigate these tougher areas. It can be done, but I think every single year will require much prayer--and possibly a different strategy. If you begin to prepare now, either by learning now or researching options in certain areas, you'll be that much ahead for when you blink and the time has come. :)


I think it is great you have made it through 2nd grade. Don't sell yourself short! I'm sure you'll be just fine for years to come too. It sounds like you have a plan!

Cruising through from the Crew and now I'm a follower!

Traci Best

This is one of my hotbutton issues. I take comments about this very thing very personally.

I get that question even from my PARENTS and it drives me crazy.

My Mother recently approached this subject again and implied that I was not bright enough to teach much longer because I was such a poor student at their age.

People just don't get it.

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