Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up #19

This week was SPRING BREAK...but not for!  What better a week to push through some schoolwork when all extracurricular activities are off?!  Plus, it was good timing for a stuffy/runny little girl because we didn't have to miss anything!

So we are one week closer to finishing the school year.  Only two more weeks in our Heart of Dakota curriculum!! 

History: We are now entering the Age of Inventions, starting with the Civil War and continuing through the Industrial Revolution.  Also reading Mozart the Wonder Boy and The Family Under the Bridge.  She is reading both independently.

Science:  Reading Albert Einstein: Young Thinker.  I'm reading this one aloud and we are both enjoying it.  It's a lively and entertaining story of Albert's life growing up.

Math: Still working through Righstart C. 

Grammar: About 10 more lessons in First Language Lessons.  Once we complete this we will continue through Grammarland.  I think we left off on Chapter 3.

Latin:  Almost finished Chapter 2 of Latin for Children A.  We are both really learning a lot already. 

Handwriting:  Found out this week that there will be a New American Cursive Book 3 in the fall so once we are finished with Book 2 I think we will start on that one.

Art:  Worked on a mixed media Easter art project that I will share with you in another post. 

Piano:  I was asked to take a video of this song and post it.  So here you go.

Other than school we didn't do too much else, since the sniffles invaded.  One highlight on Monday, before any sickness, was the first pool playdate of the year at a friends house.  The water was a chilly 75 but the kids didn't seem to mind.  For me, it was a beautiful day to sit and chat with a friend (out of the water). 

Another fun time this week included volunteering to make Easter baskets for a local charity.  Several people in the community came together to help make about 350 baskets in only a couple hours.  All the baskets, grass, toys, books, candy, cellophane, and ribbon were donated.  An assembly line was created and my daughter had the best time putting together as many baskets as she could.  She seriously didn't want to leave.  I just love how she has a heart for this kind of stuff!

So that is it for the week.  Thanks for Joining Our Homeschool Reviews and for more Weekly Wrap-Up, this week I am linked up with Kris over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.



The Adventurer

Hi Christine,
Would love to know what Piano program you are using and if you have a piano teacher helping out:)


Your history and science topics look really interesting. Sorry there were sniffles!

Our Homeschool Reviews

She takes lessons at a studio near our house once a week. She's been going for about a year and a half now. The book is Alfred's Basic Piano Library: All-in-One Course. She is in book 4 now. I like it because it includes theory in the same book.

SmallWorld at Home

Sweet little piano player!


Jamie-Lynn enjoyed watching the mini recital!! Great Job!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Thanks! She loves to play!


Oh!!! She plays beautifully!!!
Love your sweet blog!
I'm a new follower from the Sunday hop!
I would love it if you could hop by and visit, and maybe even follow me.

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