Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Importance of a Thorough Review

I subscribe to many blogs in Google Reader and one of my favorites is IEAR.org.  IEAR stands for I Education Apps Review.  It's basically a community effort to grade "Educational Apps".  The community (you and I) submit reviews to IEAR and they publish them, with a link back to the reviewer's website.

I have downloaded many of the free apps that they have rated 4 or 5 stars. 

Recently a free app called FotoFarm was submitted by a reviewer and was rated 5/5 stars.  It was said to use the strictest setting offered on Google SafeSearch to block unacceptable images when students are looking for pictures.

I thought this would be great for my daughter and downloaded it onto my iPad.  While she was in another room, I tried it out.  My first search resulted in appropriate images so I proceeded to search again.  My next two searches came up with some results not suitable for children.  I then deleted the app and shared my findings with both IEAR and the reviewer.

I went back today to see if anything had come about from my comment.  I found that IEAR took the review down all together and the reviewer updated her review to reflect this new information, giving FotoFarm 1/5 stars.  You can read her review here.

My reason for writing about this is not to point fingers.  I recommend IEAR.org and many of their reviews come from this reviewer.  I think it was just an oversight and I am glad she corrected her review and left it up for others to see.

My reason for writing this is to remind myself (and others) of the importance of a thorough review.  Every time I receive a product, I make sure I use it as much as possible before the review is due to be published.  If I do not have a set deadline, sometimes I don't post a review for many weeks, just so I can get good use of it.  I never write "informational" reviews, unless that is what the vendor requests. 

So I hope this article has shed light on a few things.  For one, maybe you have found a new educational app review site that you end up loving like I do.  Secondly, don't just take one person's opinion of something as fact...shop around and read many reviews to get a good feel for a product.  And lastly, as much as I love reviewing products, I take it seriously and hope that is portrayed in my reviews.  :)



Very good points. There are a lot of book reviewers out in the blogging world as well that will get a book and quickly write a review of the book. Perhaps they just want to get another book fast. Either way, the reviews are often "informational", what you find on teh back of the book.
I hadn't heard of (or perhaps I didn't pay enough attention to your previous posts wink) IEAR.org but am off to check it out. That is if my internet will work right!!

Our Homeschool Reviews

I don't think I posted about IEAR before. It's a good site though. And yes, you are right about the books...or maybe I'm just a slow reader...lol!

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