Monday, April 11, 2011

Schooling in Small Spaces

Since we school at home, even with only one child, things can start feeling cramped.  So our solution is an easy one...we move around, often! 

I know I've posted some of these pictures before, but I'm going to use them again.  :)  We have a school room, which is just an extra bedroom that we transformed.  It is not really where we do our school, but mostly where we house all our school stuff. 

Most of the time school work is completed at the kitchen table.  I lay out all school work first thing in the morning and we work side by side.  It keeps us both alert and close to the kitchen for snacks.  ;)

When it is time for me to read aloud or for her to read to herself, you will find us here, on the couch.  It's more comfortable and we can cozy up together. 

Another place that she likes to read is at her smaller table in the kitchen.  She eats, crafts, and reads here.  It's the perfect size and even I can fit too. 

Sometimes when we both want a change of pace, we will gather the books and head to my bed.  The change of scenery is nice and it is relaxing.  Many times we lay in my bed to work on Bible study.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we use most of the rooms in the house, depending on what subject and/or activity.  We also go outside and lay a blanket on the grass when the weather is nice. 

So if you are feeling stuck in that same small room, get out!  Move around and try different rooms around the house.  Who knows, you may find one that works better!




Great post. We don't have an extra room to set aside for school time so our house is our school room.

The Adventurer

We have a dedicated school room sort of but we moved around a lot in the house too. sofa is a favorite place to read:)


that's wonderful..

I wish I could do the same on a "real" class room..

I need to find a way so my student will be more enjoying their studies =)

Mozi Esmé

I love how you have a school spot but are also able to "travel" through the house as you do different types of activities.

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