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What I've Been Up To...

It's April, and as our school year is wrapping up, I'm finally getting around to researching curriculum for next year.  I've been spending all of my spare time scouring the Internet, comparing one product to another (so if I've seem occupied, that's why).  I wanted to share with you what I've decided on so far.  

Third Grade

Heart of Dakota: Bigger Hearts for His Glory.  We completed Preparing Hearts for His Glory this year and we are taking a step back because I would like to cover American History.  The history focus is a biographical approach to American history from the 1500's - 1970's.  The science focus includes daily readings and assignment from living books and biographies. Topics of life, physical, and earth science are emphasized and readings loosely coordinate with the history study.

Grammar: First Language Lessons 3.  We have completed FLL 1 and 2 and I really liked the flow of the short lessons so we are going to continue with the series.

Math: ??.  We have used Rightstart since level A.  Next year we would be moving to level D but this year math has been a struggle.  I have been looking at Teaching Textbooks, Math Mammoth and Singapore.  We still have about a month left in level C and then a short break before I have to worry too much about it though.  I do know we are going to be using Daily Word Problems for Grade 3 as a supplement. 

Spelling: I think we will move to All About Spelling 3.  We are finishing up level 2 now, and although most of the words come easy, I like how all the rules are laid out.

Literature: We will be using Drawn Into the Heart of Reading along with the books assigned with HOD's Bigger Hearts.

Writing:  If anyone knows of a good writing program for a child who loves to write, I'd like to hear about it.  I need something that is going to push her a little further than the things I have seen.  She is past "pick an adjective and use it in your sentence."  She is writing multiple paragraph, several page, short stories.  She needs something that will guide her to write a more cohesive story.  Oh, and we will be using New American Cursive 3 for handwriting. 

Latin: Latin for Children Primer A.  We used Song School Latin and she LOVED it!  I am thinking that continuing with this will be perfect.

Bible: We will work on the Bible memory work from Psalms included in HOD's Bigger Hearts until Community Bible Study starts in the fall.  Next year's study will be in Luke.

I think that is about it for the major subjects.  We have two used homeschool book sales in June that I'll be going to and then our annual homeschool convention is in July. 

I'd love to hear what you will be doing next year, and if you have already posted about it, feel free to leave the link!




Great choices! We are using FLL 3 next year too :-) I like Heart of Dakota, but in our house of multi-levels it won't work.

Have you looked at Math-u-See? It's been a wonderful fit for us ('grades' 7, 4 and 2)...if we weren't using it, we'd go with Teaching Textbooks.

You are blessed to have a child who loves to write!!! I have lots of suggestions for those that DON'T,lol! HAve you tried Writing Strands? It's a bit for open ended and works good for kids that don't have problems with creative writing.

Have a GREAT year :-)


I haven't posted our next year's plans yet. I am still working on lists. I am going to my first used book sale of the season, tonight. Looks like you have some great things picked out :)

Our Homeschool Reviews

Lisa, I haven't looked at MUS too much just because I know it is similar to RS in method. I was thinking if we make a change it should be to something a little different. I know a lot of people like it though. I am thinking of at least starting out with RS D and deciding from there.

Mary, I wish our sales were in April or May. I hate having to wait until June and July...especially since our new year starts in June! Have fun tonight!

The Adventurer

Tell me your secret for having a child that loves to write. I have 2 very reluctant writers that I struggle with. 9 yr old is getting better we are using the Spectrum series for writing but they are usually very short writing assignments which is what mine can handle, however I do like the rewrite sections:)

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She must have been born loving to read and write because I have done nothing special...other than read a lot to her...but I'm sure that is no different for most moms. Oh wait, I ate a lot of brocolli and listened to classical music when I was pregnant. Maybe that! Now math is a different story!

Very Blessed Mamma

Looks good. I can't wait to start All About Spelling with my son.

I am secretly hoping that we will review it this year! HA


We used Heart of Dakota last year. I love the way it was laid out! We will probably be using it for the girls preschool again this year. :)

Visiting you from the curriculum link-up at Training Children up for Christ. I hope you have a fantastic school year!


We loved First Language Lessons!

Our Peculiar Lives

I've heard great things about Heart of Dakota! Enjoy! :)
(visiting from the link up at Training Children up for Christ)
Have a great year!


Have you looked at Writing Tales?

Our Village is a Little Different

Third grade was the boys' last year in Public School. I wish I had been teaching them wonderful things like this, instead! It looks like you have a great year ahead.

Our Homeschool Reviews

Brenda, I have heard of it but have never look at it. Thanks for the reminder!


Such wonderful choices! Hope you have a wonderful year!


I have heard several people talk about Heart of Dakota, I may have to check it out. It is so much fun seeing what other families are using for school.

Lora @ my blessed life

Great list! We are starting FLL this year for the first time and I am really looking forward to it.

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