Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Plans

Our birthday plans today included getting ears pierced for the first time, but as I suspected, we had to abort the mission and move to Plan B.  Plan B was just as fun...painted nails, colored hair, lunch out, ice cream, and window shopping.




lol no piercing huh? My dd had hers done when she was about 6ish... and she cried so bad! It was a good thing they did both ears at the same time! She wanted them sooo bad though...I tried to talk her out of it.
Hope y'all had a great day!
Happy Birthday!


Sounds like a fun birthday! Happy Birthday to your daughter! My girls say they want pierced ears too, but my hubby and I keep holding them off. I love your daughter's skirt, btw! Hope you had a blessed day celebrating! Oh, I've been clicking votes for you for TOP 25 HS blog contest. There's alot of great HS blogs out there aren't there? :)


I remember getting mine done at age 6 and flinching so bad when they put the needle in! Can't say I blame her for going for the painted nails and ice cream instead :) Happy birthday to her!


Cute skirt! It sounds like you all had a wonderful day!! :-) (And the earrings can always wait, huh?!)

The Adventurer

My daughter insisted on getting her ears pieced at 7 and my husband agreed to it (which shocked me) She must have spent 20 minutes in the chair crying before she allowed them to do it. I kept telling her we could leave and try again another day but she refused to leave. She really wanted it done but was so scared. I think I was more scarred about the whole experience than she was:).

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Yes, the earrings will have to wait and that is ok. :) Loved reading all the ear piercing stories. I can't even remember when I first got mine. I know I was older than elementary age though.

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