Monday, May 9, 2011

Change of Plans

Do not worry about anything, but in everything, by prayer let your requests be made known to God.  Philippians 4:6

I am pretty sure I have written about this verse before, but it's something we probably all need reminding of, so here's my reminder.  ;)

This is a busy week for us, mainly because of my cleaning the house for a birthday party on Friday, but also because our daughter will be in a living wax museum presentation on Thursday night and we haven't done much preparation for it.  I know everything will come together by then, but it's still one of those things on the list to get done.

Then yesterday hubby noticed that the AC wasn't cooling.  We just had them out here in January to replace a bad capacitor.  I was assured that my unit was in good condition and wouldn't need to be replaced for many years (maybe even 10 more).  Well, today we found out that the coils need to be replaced.  It would cost enough money to make us question getting a new unit, especially since we are nearing 10 years on this one.  So after calling hubby about 20 times while the repair guy was here and annoying him discussing it with him, we decided to get a new one (did I mention I am cleaning for a party on FRIDAY?) 

For now I am waiting to hear back on when the installation will take place, tomorrow or Thursday.  Tomorrow the temp is going up to 90 so I am hoping for the latter. 

So, I am giving this one up to God.  Praying that I don't go crazy, or melt in my own home, and praying that we won't go broke paying for it.  Praying that if I do melt, maybe only 10lbs will melt off (wouldn't that be perfect)!  Praying that whatever happens with this crazy week, I know He is in control and will help me through. 




Praying that all goes well for you this week. :)

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Thanks Mary. It was stressful but the new AC is up and running. Thanks for the prayers! :)

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