Tuesday, May 31, 2011

miscellany monday on tuesday

saturday we spent a few hours at the beach and sunday after church we hung out at the inlaws' pool.  lots of fun and sun!
coal fired pizza is good!
when you are closing your car door, make sure your feet are inside the car.  ;)  we stopped at the store on the way back from the beach on sat. and i had a couple packages that i placed at my feet in the passenger seat.  i was trying to lift my foot so i didn't smash the bags and was closing the door at the same time.  oops!  i slammed my first two toes in the door.  luckily they just curved with the door and were just a little sore.
i haven't had a migraine in at least two weeks {knock on wood}.  i've been having a cup of coffee almost every morning and i'm wondering if that has helped.

this week i'll be focusing on re-organizing several small spaces around the house.  i want to try and pick one room each day and work on an area in that room.  i'll try and post as i work on them.


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