Monday, May 9, 2011

My Favorite Subject

Have you ever watched the movie Billy Madison with Adam Sandler?  If not, it's about an immature guy who must repeat grades 1-12 all over again in order to inherit his father's money.  

Now I'll be honest with you, although I did well in school, I did not enjoy it much.  I did not like reading for pleasure and I can't say that I had a favorite subject.

Well now I get to be a little like Billy Madison in that I'm repeating grades 1-12.  I realize I'm now the teacher, but I am learning right along with our daughter. 

I now enjoy reading and love how the classical style of schooling has sparked my interests (and I hope it does the same for her).  I have to say that right now my favorite subject is History.  Growing up I never understood how everything in history went together.  You never stop and think that events that occurred in the Bible happened at the same time as Ancient Egypt, the Trojan War, and the founding of Rome. 

And I love that our daughter "gets it".  She enjoys listening to all the stories we read about events and people in history and right now it is her favorite subject too.



I feel the same way--I am loving the education I'm getting as a homeschool mom. What other excuse could I have to spend hours each day educating myself?!

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