Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cardio Blast

Today I continued my cardio class experiment at the YMCA.  I wrote yesterday how my daughter has swim practice an hour a day, four days a week, so I am trying some new fitness classes at the same time. 

Today was Cardio Blast.  It was only 15 minutes long and what I would call the warm up to the hour long Body Pump class after it.  The instructor didn't mind that I couldn't stay so I just ducked out at the end.

It was basically a condensed Step Class to get the heart pumping.  There were a few combo moves that I have not done in a while and I was happy to not be the only one lost and confused at times...lol! 

It wasn't a terribly difficult class, but I am pretty sore from yesterday so I couldn't move like I wanted to. 

Tomorrow the hour long Body Pump class is at the perfect time so I am hoping to get there early and set up my "station" before I drop my daughter off.  This is another class that requires a lot of equipment. 

I'll write about that one tomorrow!



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