Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Third Grade #1

We started third grade last week but with all the dance recital preparations I didn't have a chance to post about it, so I'm going to make this a Monday Weekly Wrap-up!

This year we are using Heart of Dakota again but we are going to be working in the Bigger Hearts For His Glory book, which uses a biographical approach to American history from the 1500's-1970's.

We are currently reading about Christopher Columbus in A First Book in American History by Edward Eggleston. 

So far we are enjoying it because it just doesn't jump into the same story we all know about Columbus. 

It starts off by telling us a little about his childhood and his life growing up.  It really makes learning about him so much more interesting!

For Science we are reading One Small Square: Seashore.  We love the One Small Square books!  She has already had a notebooking assignment which you can see to the right.  If you click it it should get bigger.

She learned what causes the tides and waves and copied these pictures from the book.

In the past for Grammar I have used First Language Lessons.  This year at a used curriculum sale I found a copy of Rod & Staff's Beginning Wisely: English 3. 

We have never used these books but I have heard good things about them and the they were selling at a price I couldn't pass up! 

Her first assignment was to copy some rules about her book.  She learned cursive last year so I will be requiring her to write in cursive for most of her work.

That is all I have time to share with you for now.  I'll be posting more on Friday about the rest of our week. 

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Nice job! I am already so excited to see her notebooks from this year. Are you using a new format for the science? I went back and forth on what to use, since I thought the science/sketch book she did last year was AWESOME! :-) Looking forward to more weekly reviews. :-)

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