Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dance Recital




Beautiful picture! I know your daughter looked beautiful for her recital! I don't have a WW post up today but a giveaway post for my 1 year blogiversary. Enter the giveaway if interested! (I hope to have the linky issues resolved soon :/ ) Clicked a vote for you!


Beautiful Dress. Now we need to see the pretty dancer. Happy WW

By Word of Mouth Musings

Yes, love the way you shot the dress, but now for the ballerina inside ;)


What a beautiful outfit! Lexi does gymnastics and she can't understand why they can't have something "like a princess" lol!!

The Paper Princess

Great photo! :-)

Our Homeschool Reviews

Thanks! Her recital is actually this weekend so I'll have to post some pics afterwards (of her in the dress) ;)


Gorgeous shot! :-)


That dress is pretty! I'm thinking of putting my boy's in dance. I know it's usually a girly thing, but they love dancing around the house, so why not?


WHat a beautiful tutu. I look forward to seeing the "after" or "during" photos.

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud

Love the unique perspective! Who doesn't love a dance recital?!? :)

The Adventurer

Bet your daughter looked beautiful in her dress:)


Beautiful, love it!

Mrs. Marine
& the Tiny Troops


Unique and lovely photo.

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