Wednesday, July 20, 2011

American Girl No-Sew Dress Tutorial

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the American Girl Book Club my daughter is participating in.  A friend of ours has been very gracious in hosting it at her house.  She searched online and found a really neat no-sew dress craft for the girls. 

Several of you have asked for the instructions on making the dress so I thought I would put together a tutorial of my own.  It's super easy and a lot of fun!

Step 1
Choose your material and cut a piece that is about 15" x 22".  It does not have to be exact, just close.

Step 2
Fold it in half so it is now about 11" x 15".

Step 3
Cut a hole in the middle of the folded side about 2" to 3" wide.  It's best to play it safe and cut it small.  You can always make it slightly wider if it doesn't fit over the doll's head.

Step 4
Cut fringe all the way across the bottom of the dress. 

Step 5
Cut fringe on the sides for the sleeves. Start about half way and make five or six cuts going toward the top. 

Step 6
Place the dress over your doll's head.  You can make the belt by taking cord or string, adding a few beads, and just tying it in the back.  The headband can be made by cutting a coordinating piece of fabric, wrapping it around their head, and tying it to the side.

You can see others we have done here.


The Buckner Family

Very cool! We love American Girl dolls!

What I would LOVE to know is: what is that very cool looking alphabet thing hanging on your refridge?? That looks like FUN for my younger daughter!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My girls are going to LOVE this!!! And the timing is perfect, we're learning about Native Americans right now, how fun to make dresses for their dolls as part of history class LOL.

Our Homeschool Reviews

Hope they enjoy making them!

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