Monday, July 18, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

my girlie came down with a little cold yesterday.  just a slight fever and a runny/stuffy/sneezy nose but she is still a little under the weather.  hopefully by tomorrow she will be back to normal.  oh, and yesterday she caught up on roughly 12 hours of dsi, tv, ipad, and computer time.  what in the world did we ever do when we were sick???

today our dog maisy gets groomed.  i can tell she is excited about it

we had another swim meet on sat.  improved on two of her times, which is pretty good considering she was probably already starting to feel yucky due to her cold (we just didn't know it yet).

trying to decide if we should give up our directtv and replace it with netflix.  is that a good idea?  i know the netflix rates are going up, but it would still be waaaay cheaper than what we have now.  it's a big step though...

have you seen the new harry potter movie yet?  we haven't, but our daughter has read the first five books and has seen the first five movies (we won't let her go past those yet since she is just 8).  she loves them all so i thought i would share with you some of her harry potter drawings.




Our kiddos are just getting over the fever, cold sickness that seems to be going around our area...hope your daughter feels better soon :)

We are also contemplating getting rid of cable and just having netflix...we currently have very basic cable, but the rates keep going up and we keep losing channels {and we didn't have very many to begin with!}. I'm all for it, but dh isn't quite 100% yet :)

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I recommend choosing whatever will make you watch less TV. Netflix won't be so easy to just flip and and veg out, so maybe it is that choice?

We have been TV free for nine years. I know that is an extreme, but now we have no idea how we would even fit wathcng TV into our schedule. We still have a TV in the guest room for movies, but it doesn't get any station reception.


Before computers, I remember watching daytime TV when I was sick. I watched all the game shows, ate lunch, and then my mom made me nap during soap opera time! Times have changed a bit, but really any mindless entertainment is what we want when sick.

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Hubby is actually the one who suggested making the switch to Netflix, which surprised me b/c he watches way more than me. We don't turn on the tv at all during the day until he comes home. I do like to watch some evening shows though, but I guess you can watch those on the computer on NBC, etc.

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