Thursday, August 25, 2011

Duct Tape Projects

A friend's daughter over at Schooling in the Sun has been really into making duct tape projects.  One day we were at a local activity together and her daughter, Turtle, brought some of her creations.  She had made some adorable duct tape bags for all the children there. 

Of course, the minute my daughter saw these, she was hooked.  Within the week we were at the store buying duct tape.  I didn't realize all the colors and patterns they come in.  Here's what we picked out.

So we searched YouTube and found a series of videos from Duck brand duct tape on how to make duct tape wallets, purses, flowersflip flops, belts, ties, and more.  You can click on any of those links to see the videos or you can visit the Duck brand website where you can learn more.

Here are some of my daughter's creations

I think these are some great and easy projects to work on.  My daughter is 8 and I did have to help.  It will be hard for younger children to rip the tape off the roll, unless you use scissors, and if you do, don't use a good pair because they will get all sticky.  Also, remember that once you stick two sticky sides of tape together, you are not going to get them take your time.  :)

If you end up making some projects, please come back and let me know.  We would love to see them!



That is awesome! Love the bags :) One year my dd's girl scout troop made wallets but with magazines and packaging tape. They were adorable but really not quite as sturdy (or flexible) as duct tape. It is amazing the colors and designs!
I just opened the YouTube window for purses but haven't gotten very far... :)


Those are very cute!
We love duct tape! A few years ago we made waterproof drawstring bags with plastic trash bags and duct tape. The kids still use them today - they are so sturdy! We've made hats, wallets, and my daughter even made a stuffed elephant. I could buy the kids a dozen rolls of duct tape for Christmas and they'd be satisfied!

Very Blessed Mamma

That is awesome! My kids would love this!

Our Village is a Little Different

These are so great! My niece does some amazing things with duct tape.. one year her whole Halloween costume was made from it. The new colors and designs are fantastic. I even saw "Hello Kitty" on Duct tape last week.

I need to rent a girl. My boys look at this stuff and say "meh.. no thanks." Maybe they make duct tape with skulls and "TapOut" logos. ;)


I saw something similar to this some time ago...(not a blog post, but in real life) - they were AWESOME! Have fun with this! Blessings!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Thanks! I had never heard of making things with duct tape before and was amazed at the videos. We are almost out of our tape so we will be heading to the store soon to try out some new designs. We did find you can go through a roll in no time. :)


We made roses one year at a vacation craft class. I've never seen the prints. That purse is cute.


WOW! These are fantastic and beautiful! Your friend's daughter and your daughter did a great job! I had no idea there were so many different patterns of duct tape either! Your daughter should sell these! Have a blessed weekend! Clicked a vote for you! :)

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads

Those are some very cool creations.

I saw a bunch of different varieties of duct tape at Staples. They even had duct tape sheets which I had never seen before.


We love duct tape. I had the bigger kids at VBS make a wallet this year & my girls have made purses & bags to carry their bibles in. Your daughter did a great job.

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