Monday, August 22, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

today we have a full day at home with no interruptions.  i am so happy that we don't have to rush off to anything.  the goal this morning is to get all school work completed by 1pm.  if that is accomplished, we'll have time for a few fun projects and games. 

on friday we took another trip with friends to a painting class.  they painted an owl.  isn't he cute?!

tomorrow i'm having some routine blood work done.  it's probably been at least 10 years since i had any tests (cholesterol, etc) so i thought it was about time.  i have to remember to not eat anything tomorrow morning...i'm hungry just thinking about it.  ;)  i may just have to post a sign on the fridge to!

lots of cleaning to do today...

i'm getting hungry and wondering what i should have for lunch.  lean cuisine?  salad?  both?  decisions, decisions.

oh, and i forgot to add that since my daughter is taking a homemakers class, i am learning how to crochet (she is  i'll post my first project once it is done.  :)




Wonderful painting.

I need to do some cleaning myself. Time to turn on the iPod and get hot I guess. Sigh...


I hope you enjoyed your obligation free day. I love the owl painting. Enjoy your clean house, and I'll say a quick prayer that your bloodwork is all in good shape.


Hope the bloodwork all comes back fine.

Love the owl!

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Well, blood was taken so I'll find out the results at my next dr appt. Wondering what my cholesterol and other tests will show compared to last time. Thanks for the prayers. :)


I can't wait to see your first project. That's something I would like to do. I used to do needlepoint, and cross stitching, but my hands don't wrk well enough to do that anymore.
I hope the bloodwork came back okay. Isn't it true? I'm never hungry in the morning unless I'm fasting for a test.
That's a beautiful owl. :)


The owl is cute! praying there are no surprises with your blood work!

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