Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Need a Nickname!

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that I have many names for my daughter, our daughter, dd, her, she, girlie, sweetie, etc.  Really creative, huh?!

I've never wanted to use her real name and most of the nicknames we use at home either contain a shortened version of her name or her entire name.  We do use a few that don't include her name but I didn't think they would work very well written out in a sentence.  I have also thought about using her initials, but I don't think that will work either.

So, I need your help!  I'd love to hear your nickname suggestions and I would like to have her pick from those names listed. 

Here are some things about her that may be helpful to know:

* 8 years old, 3rd grade, only child
* Loves animals, especially dogs
* Involved in dance, swim, and piano 
* Loves nature, having fun, and can be very silly 

Can't wait to hear your suggestions!! 



Our Village is a Little Different

You probably don't want a suggestion from the one who calls her kids Boy One and Boy Two. I'm sure one of your more creative friends has something better than "little girl" or whatever else I would come up with.
- Catherine


She looks and sounds like a Graceful Angel. Girls are so precious!

Modest Mama

Have you asked her what she would like to be called on your blog? Maybe a name that she currently wishes she was named.

My daughter, age 3, currently wishes we had named her Santa.

Stuff and Nonsense

little miss...nina (pronounced 'ninya') sprout...stitch...


Hi Christine!

Precious picture of your daughter and your dog which brought me to this idea for a nickname: Dog Whisperer or DW for a nickname for the nickname. Got all that? ;) Cute post and I hope your daughter likes whatever her new name will be :)


What about your favorite literary character? Or her favorite character? Maybe just simething simple like Sunshine or a favorite flower like Lily or Rose.

I love my kid's psuedo-names because they sound like real names... even though they are named after foreign currency.

Have fun!


I'd ask her since she's old enough. My daughter's nickname is "Sissy" because that's what the boys call her. And then we have the youngest boy "Boo Boo" and the oldest "wooley".


Dancing Llama

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