Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Third Grade #8

Last week we finished up Unit 6 ~ William Penn: Founder of Pennsylvania and started on Unit 7 ~ More Colonies in the New World in our Heart of Dakota book, Bigger Hearts for His Glory.

Last week was a short and busy week for us.  We only did school on Tues, Wed, and Thur and then Friday we went on a very fun field trip, which I will tell you about in another post.  I can't believe I haven't posted since last Thursday, so here are some highlights of our week.

I mentioned in my previous Weekly Wrap Up that we learned about an artist who was born in Pennsylvania named Benjamin West.  Here are some facts of his life drawn in the paint circles of water color paints.

I mentioned a while back about the timeline we completed last year with note cards.  We both loved making it and it was a lot of fun, but this year it was recommended we put our timeline in a file folder.  I found instructions on how to make it here.  Here is what ours looks like so far. 

In science I am reading aloud Science in Colonial America

Since we are learning about the colonists being industrious and having to learn to hunt, cut down trees, and plant crops, it fits right in.  Below is a diagram of a flowers with its parts labeled. 

Another book I am reading aloud is called Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans

This is a great little book with very short stories.  So far we have learned many new things about each of the people we have read about.  These are stories that you would normally not hear about it your every day history book.

I am continuing to read aloud Almost Home

We are on Chapter 9 and have about 40 more pages to go.  This book is great for all ages, and especially for girls.  It really highlights the struggles and hardships the pilgrims had to endure on both the Mayflower and on land once they reached America.

The last book that I am reading aloud is called Life of Fred: Apples. 

This series was originally written for about 5th grade, starting with fractions, through college math.  Recently they came out with an elementary series (K-4th).  We are starting from the beginning, even though it is below our daughter's level in math. 

The books are a story about Fred and his need for math in everyday life.  The story is funny and quirky and makes us both laugh.  I thought I would start out by reading this book and maybe the next, but I would ultimately want her to read them and complete the work on her own.

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Absolutely amazing! I love to read about what your are planning and doing. You have a very lucky student!


Sounds like a fun week. We used Heart of Dakota for my oldest when he was in 2nd grade. Very well organized curriculum!

Giggly Girls

Wonderful week! I love the timeline.


I love the timeline and all of her drawings - what a talented young artist!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback.

Our Village is a Little Different

I love teaching and studying Colonial America. What great choices you've made! I think your daughter has really nice handwriting, too!
We are going to do a timeline of Ancient Rome, I like this style. Thanks for sharing it.
I hope you're having another fun week - and I'm looking forward to reading about your field trip!


We just took a field trip too--a Civil War battle. I'm sure in your neck of the woods you can choose Civil War or Revolutionary reenactments. My son also likes getting the overall picture using timelines too.


What a great week! I've always been intrigued by HOD - now I'm going to go get out my catalog again! LOL I'll be looking forward to hearing more about your experience with LOF Apples, too.


What a fabulously fun week you had! I have a friend who loves HOD -- says that it has changed the way she homeschools and had has reignited her fire for homeschooling.

Love the circles with facts.



Love the timeline! I may use that idea with my youngest ones!!

Thanks for the read-aloud update. Sounds like some great selections. :)


LOVE IT! We are in Bigger also and this week was unit 3. I started blogging about our weeks in HOD I just love Heart of Dakota. I still am so excited that it is working out better then I ever thought. My kids just love it!

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