Monday, October 24, 2011

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after being out of town for a week i have a lot to catch up on so today we will be doing a full day of school and running errands.
tonight is my thirty-one launch party and i am so excited!!!  i am hosting it at my house with some close friends and family so i can get a little practice doing a party.  so i'll be adding cleaning the house and baking some yummy chocolate chip banana bread to my list of things to do today.  :)
we have so many pictures from our trip, i wish i could show them all.  here is one of a beautiful tree and it's changing leaves.
since daddy and funny bunny can't be home tonight, they get to have a night out together.  i know funny bunny really enjoys these times out with her dad!
just wanted to send a quick shout out to hubby for driving the majority of the trip.  7 hours there and the whole 10 hours back.  and also apologize for all the pit stops i had to make along the way...too much coffee and water.  ;)



We always have to make pit stops! My hubby just shakes his head! Good luck with your party tonight. Thirty-one is fin!

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Thanks! I only ended up having a few people but it was a good start for me. We had a nice time talking. :)

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