Monday, January 2, 2012

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happy new year!!!

wow, it's already 2012!!  i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and a happy new year!  we have been enjoying the time off school and i have so much to tell you about!

funny bunny was a wonderful angel in the christmas pageant at church.  when we got home, she checked under her pillow, as she does every christmas eve, to see if the elves left her magic pajamas (a sign that she is sure to get gifts from santa).

yay!!!  she is always so excited to find them!!

afterward we roasted marshmallows by the fire {with our new "day after thanksgiving sale fire pit"}

santa and his reindeer were hungry

someone had been a good girl...oh, and funny bunny was too!

the week after christmas we focused on cleaning the house.  i took all the decorations down, inside and out, and we started purging. 

hubby got me a new organizer to store all of the crafts.  doesn't it look nice?  this got me in the mood to continue the cleaning throughout the house.

funny bunny had some "chore training" over our break.  in addition to getting dressed and making her bed each day, here is her new weekly schedule:
mon: wash and fold her clothes
tue: clean her bathroom
wed: dust and vacuum her room
fri: clean the sliding glass door

i had planned to start school today but found out a couple days ago that hubby is off work.  so we get one more day off!  :)

now it is january 2nd and i need to make my new year resolutions.  i'll have to get back to you on those...

ok, so i already know that one of my resolutions is to get in better shape {isn't that everyone's??}  so hubby got me {and him} something for christmas that should better absolutely will help.  you'll have to wait to hear about it though...i'm excited, but a little worried too.  some cliffhanger, huh?!  ;)




Yes, I'll say that's a cliffhanger! :-) Sounds like a great start to the new year! :-) :-)


Resolutions, oh my. I do plan to continue organizing.


I love your craft organiser! Such a good idea! :)

Our Village is a Little Different

Our boys always get Christmas Eve PJs, too. I love your organizer! Very nice!

We start back to school today, too. I should get some sleep .

Happy New Year!


How fun! I LOVE organizing and any containers and such for it. I'm a sucker for neatness. ;)

Missouri Mama

My trouble is purchasing something to make me more organized and then it becomes just one more surface to lay stuff on.


Fun! I love organization supplies :)

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