Tuesday, January 31, 2012

P90X Week 5

Today is our 5th week {day 30} of P90X!!  I seriously can't believe that we have made it this far!  Below are some of my highlights.

*  Total of 3lbs lost
*  1/2 inch to 2 inches lost from each area
*  Can fit better in my clothes
*  Feel better

Here's what I need to work on

*  Eat more protein, less starchy carbs, and less fat

Overall I think we have done well.  We have only missed a couple workouts, and for the most part our eating is good.  We need to add more protein to our meals and reduce the fat intake a little.  After looking at our meals, we adjusted three of our dinners this week.

Dinner 1:  We added shrimp to our spaghetti for protein
Dinner 2:  Pork chops and sweet potato instead of burgers
Dinner 3:  Tofu stir fry instead of steak stir fry

Last week was a "recovery week" in our workouts.  We focused on stretching, yoga, and core.  I'm not sure how much we actually "recovered" because these workouts were just as hard.  Working our core was especially hard...and between that and the yoga, I have bruised something in my middle back.  At least it feels like a bruise, to the left of the middle part of my spine.  Hoping it will fade over time.

This week we are back to lifting weights and cardio.  Yesterday we completed a new workout which included...um... one-arm push ups...lol!  Yeah, that didn't quite happen for me.  ;)  It was HARD and we are both back to being very sore...but it's a good sore.

I'll post another update in two weeks so I hope you will join me.  If you are working on getting fit, I would love to hear about what you are doing.




wow ! way to go ~


You go girl!! I can't even do one regular push-up correctly. Forget one armed. lol

Recovery weeks on Insanity weren't much of a break either. lol

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

Way to go! Don't you just love seeing results? And I can barely do a two armed push up let alone a one arm. LOL!
Keep up the good work.

Our Homeschool Reviews

I can only do a couple push-ups properly and the rest I have to do on my knees. Still get a good workout though. And there was no way I was able to do it with only one arm, even on my knees.


WTG!! Wonder how many people can really do a one-armed push-up? Ouch. I wouldn't even try. LOL


Way to go!!! Those workouts sound h-a-r-d. You are accomplishing so much! Keep up the great work!! :-)


Wow! I'm impressed! Can you work out for me too? I have very little motivation lately. Just send me some of that muscle tone, please??? ;)

Missouri Mama

I saw this as a Today's Special on QVC this week and broke into a cold sweat when I saw how hard they were working. I raise a flabby arm as I sit on my comfy couch and salute you!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Oh my goodness, my hubby was actually flipping channels that night and caught the last 10 min or so. It was for P90x2. I couldn't imagine how they could possibly make it any harder and hubby said the guy was standing on one foot while lifting weights...lol! I guess they had to make a workout for those who think the first is too easy. I don't think we will ever be in that category...


I love that you are doing this as a family- very cool!


Ditto Mary's comment. And- great job!

Marvelous Mommy

We are coming up on the recovery week. Of course my hubby didn't workout one day this week so he has some catching up to do! I did pretty good staying on track with the workouts this week. Much better than last week.

I love that you've only lost 3 pounds. I haven't really lost much either. I think all my fat is being replaced with muscle. I'll prob gain weight! ;-)

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