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I had mentioned a couple weeks ago that hubby got us something for Christmas to help us keep our New Year Resolution of getting fit.  I had gone back and forth on what I wanted for Christmas.  At first I wanted a Ninja Kitchen System...you know, the blender that does everything?!  But after thinking a while, I changed my mind.  Then one afternoon I was walking by the TV and the P90X infomercial was running.  "That's what I want!!!" 

So Christmas came and went and I finally opened up the package, read the two books inside {the Fitness Guide and Nutrition Guide}, and was a little worried...lol!  I started with the Fit Test.  Below is a list of things I should be able to do {as a female} before I start the program {hold your laughter until the end}.

1.  1 pull-up - I have NEVER been able to do a pull-up :(

2.  3-in vertical leap - Yes, I can do this :)

3.  3 push ups {or 15 on my knees} - 15 on my knees, yes! :)

4.  Come within 6 in of touching my toes - I'm pretty close :)

5.  Hold a wall squat for at least 1 min - Really?  That hurts!! :(

6.  At least 10 curls with 8 lbs - Good to go! :)

7.  At least 25 in & outs - What's an in & out?? :(

8.  2 mins of jumping jacks - Hellooo, I've given birth people!! :(

Ok, so half is good, right??!!  Well, apparently not because the manual is now telling me that if I can't complete these items, maybe I should try one of their easier programs...hahahaha!  Really, we didn't just pay all this $$$ to buy something else. 

So, against our better judgement, hubby and I set out to start the program on Monday, January 2nd.  The only time we can work out together is from 7-8pm.  We get started with Funny Bunny distracting us cheering us on in the background. 

The WHOLE first dvd is PULL-UPS and PUSH-UPS!!!!  Akkk!  And each of the 12 dvds is about an HOUR long!  Well, I still didn't do any pull-ups...we have a pull-down bar that I used instead {yeah, I'm cheating}.  I could also used bands but we don't have any.  But, we did finish the dvd.  :)

We continued with a different dvd each day that week...and the soreness ensued.  Tue = super sore, Wed = couldn't walk at all, Thur = less sore, etc. 

I'm happy to say that we are now over 2 weeks into the program and we are both enjoying it.  I still have soreness somewhere on my body each day but it is a "good" sore {I can still walk, at least}.  We are both feeling better and have lost some weight.  Of course hubby lost 10 lbs after 5 minutes of working out, but I have lost about 1 1/2 lbs in two weeks, along with 1/4 inch here and there

Now, the question is, will we be "ripped" after 90 days??  Well, I'll keep you posted...only 75 more to go.  ;)



Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

I've always wanted to hear from someone who has done it and see if they end up ripped. Keep us posted.
Coming from the Molly Home Team.
Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

Simply Taunya

Awesome! And I am LOLing at the jumping jacks...I can so relate!

Our Village is a Little Different

Oh! My husband did P90X! It was hard, but worked really well! You are going to feel so amazing about halfway through the program. I have to admit, I would laugh at the trainer, but he did get my husband through the most grueling parts of the workouts.

There's an online support and message board which he thought was kind of helpful, but it was also a lot of "Hey, you know, you should buy this supplement, or this protein bar, and this blah blah blah..

Our Village is a Little Different

PS. Yeah, after twins, I'm cautious about jumping jacks, and no, I'm not too gung ho about the trampoline, either. ;-)


Good for you Christine! Keep it up. Can't wait to see how truly ripped you are after 90 days (ripped, lol that's such a funny way to describe it...when i was younger it used to mean something different..I'm just old hee hee)

Under the Sky

OH, good for you!! We have the older P90 and THAT kicks our behinds. :D

Happy workouts!! :D



That made me tired just reading about it. I need this so bad; but at my age it probably won't happen. I just need to walk; that would be good. Thanks for your post and the motivation to do something.


I so want P90X- but from your list - apparently I need to get in shape before I can use it! LOL How fun that you and your hubby are working out together. My husband doesn't workout because he has a physically demanding job and keeps fit from that. Have fun!!


I bought the Ninja.

But good for you!

Giggly Girls

I'm laughing a little big because...

a) I can relate to the jumping jack issue. lol Strider jumps really do me in.
b) I know what an in and out is. Ack!
c) I did the Insanity workout so I have a good idea of what you're in for. (Please use the words "did the Insanity workout" loosely and I'm certain that I didn't do it all that correctly. I did finish it so that was accomplishment enough. It is now at my bil's so he can be tortured for a while.)

And good for you!!! I can't wait to hear how you like it.

Our Homeschool Reviews

Thanks for all the encouragement! I'll probably post an update every two weeks or so. I know eating clean is the key to getting body fat lower, and although I am doing pretty good, I am not counting calories and weighing food. I'm also not taking any supplements at all...the smell of protein drinks makes me gag...lol! So I'm doing it "all natural". ;)


well I'm glad you're enjoying it, but I think this is confirmation that I will NOT try it! LOL I'll be happy to cheer you on, but I think I'll look for something different. ;-)

Tara O

I bought p90X a year ago. I took the Fit Test just like you and put it away. Because I cannot do a pull-up, not only that I don't really have ANY desire to do a pull-up. LOL! Fast forward to mid-December. I decided I would do these videos anyway. I can modify with the best. Modifying is NOT cheating. ;) Modifying is training your body to do what you currently cannot. I am in week 5. I am doing my own cardio, so have only done one P90X cardio disc (Kenpo X). There's only so much time we homeschooling moms have and I cannot run on my cardio days AND do p90x. So I'm running. Today, I did 8 pull-ups with the chair. You've GOT this.

Becky K.

It is SO not fair that men lose weight so easily! We gift birth - you'd think we could at least be awarded with easy weight loss! I'll be following your 90 days closely to see if this might work for me...

Our Homeschool Reviews

Tara, that is awesome!!

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