Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chalk Pastels

I mentioned a couple days ago that Funny Bunny has been working on a couple of art projects to enter into our local Agricultural Fair's Art Show.  Below are some of her chalk pastel drawings.  She is trying to decide which bird she likes better...maybe you can help her choose!

You can find the tutorials for both over at Hodgepodge.



They all look great, Funny Bunny! :-) The bright colors and nest in the first one really grabbed my interest.

Have fun picking one!


I think all the pictures are awesome. I loved the eggs in the nest; but then the other two were so cute and colorful.


These are fabulous!!!!


Delightful drawings! I feel the peace and contentment of the bird in the bottom drawing. I imagine it is a momma bird, just being watchful while she rests (just like all moms!).
That last one is my favorite.


Beautiful! I loved using pastels when I was in school. I think my class is probably responsible for a chunk of the ozone problem - we all used Aqua Net aerosol as the fixative.

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