Monday, February 13, 2012

miscellany monday

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the last time i posted a miscellany monday (in jan) we were out in the yard gardening on a beautifully warm day.  today we woke up to temperatures in the 20's.  brrrrr!

funny bunny has been working on some art projects this past week, which i'll be sharing in a later post.  she wants to enter them into a local argricultural fair art show.  last year she entered one painting and received a blue ribbon and a few dollars so her goal this year is to enter several.  so far she has completed four.

i have my very first thrity-one party booked for the end of this month!!!  although sales have been really good since i started in oct, it was hard to book a party during the busy holiday season.  a good friend of mine is hosting the party and i am so excited {doing excited dance}!!

since the beginning of jan, we have been trimming our expenses and watching our budget.  we have tried to cut out all unneccesary expenses, like eating out, which was a large part of our budget.  i called several of our service providers and was able to get some of our bills lowered for six months to a year.  one bill was cut in half!  did you know you can call your service providers and ask about specials currently running?

valentine's day is tomorrow and i haven't even thought about it.  i need to run out sometime today to get something for funny bunny!  we don't have any special plans tomorrow, other than funny bunny taking some cards into dance class, and doing some crafts at home.  i'll probably make her a special breakfast too.  thursday her cbs group will have a valentine's day party at the park after class.   :)

friday we are taking a field trip to legoland!!  there are supposed to be over 400 people going in our homeschool group and we all have to meet at the front of the park between 9:00 and 10:00am to get our tickets.  should be!



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